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Staff Directory

Administration Staff

Principal                                           Bridgett Hudson        

Assistant Principal                     Samantha Young           


Office Staff

 Sheila Braud                                   Financial Secretary

Jackie Taylor                                   Registrar Clerk          


Student Services

Counselor                                        Angelle Tompkins     

SBLC                                                   Michelle Bordelon    

Psychologist                                  Jami Pro                           

Nurse                                                 Wendi Bass                    

Cafeteria Manager                    Mona Nelson               

Computer Assistant                 Cheryl Johnson          

ISSP Facilitator                            Sandy Harvey               

Facility Manager                        Angela Holloway        


Instructional Services 

Jennifer Jones                                                                           


Library Faculty/Staff

 Kami Jackson                       Librarian                                

Connie Penix                        Library Clerk                        



Lauren Johnson                                                                       

Victoria Lacroix                                                                      

Megan Maxwell                                                                                

Francesa Tagapulot                                                               

Ashley Willett                                                                          

1st Grade

Ashley Beverly                                                                       

Ashley Corkern                                                                     

Laurie Petty                                                                             

Michelle Matassa                                                                 

Amanda Tuminello                                                                                                                                                       


2nd Grade

Amanda Fruge                                                                      

Bryn Hughes                                                                          

Lauren Labbe                                                                        

Michele Landry                                                                    


3rd Grade

Melissa Chretien                                                                   

Morgan Fernandez                                                              

Allyson Hayden                                                                     

Janice Morgan                                                                        


4th Grade

Erin Barbier                                                                            


Sloane Beyer                                                                         

Marina Kaltenbacher                                                      


5th Grade

Sarah Campbell                                                                   

Robyn Landry                                                                       

Erin LeBlanc                                                                          

Jamie Williams                                                                    


 Teacher Of The Academically Gifted (TAG)        

 Charae McMorris                                                                       


Enrichment Teachers

Heather Daniel                                                                    

Cindy Laferney (ART)                                                      

Jennifer Merritt                                                                  

Jenny Munson                                                                      


Pre School Teachers

 Kay Hidalgo                                                                          

Hannah Parker                                                                    

Elise Rau                                                                                  


Special Education

Melissa Bankhead (VI)                                                  

Michelle Breaux                                                                

Lori Clarke                                                                             

Kirsten Collins                                                                    

Arlene Molliere                                                                 

Michelle Robnik  (Lead Sped Teacher)                

Danielle Ragusa                                                                                        



Kayla Bennett                                                                     

Ava Carbo                                                                              

D’Juan Donahue                                                                          d’

Pam Dupuy                                                                           

Kindera Hilliard                                                                 

Lynette LaCombe                                                             

Porsha Lane                                                                         

Claire Latour                                                                       

Huyen Luong                                                                       

Neyrel Maynez (ESL)                                                      

Jamie Rouchon                                                                   

Neely Tramonte